Site Redesign and a Renewed Focus

As a recreational blogger who struggles with commitment to write on a regular schedule, I have been slow to pay cold hard cash to a web host for my site. I would love to slap a CMS on there and take off to the races. I have a long list of excuses to draw from […]

What do you want to do?

This is the first of three articles as described in an earlier post inspired by Dave Gamache. Dave posed three questions: Writers don’t have to heave up turgid prose in countless cheesy paperback romance novels to share their passion. Hardware. Software. Computers for desks and laps, phones smart and dumb, and apps free and paid […]

Nailing the Workflow

I’ve played around long enough. It’s time to commit to my writing tools and stick to them. Here’s the list. As far as I’m concerned, Scrivener is the winner on Mac. I’ve tried them all and have no more questions. Scrivener is it for me. Discovering Writing Kit made this decision easy. It quickly became […]

from Seth's Blog: Talker's block

Michael Schechter (@mschechter) pointed out another great article about writing shared by the always-great Seth Godin titled Talker’s Block. Here’s an excerpt to round out my hat trick of sharing writing about writing. Seth’s Blog: Talker’s block: Writer’s block isn’t hard to cure. Just write poorly. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can […]

Writing In The Margins

Another great meta-post about writing in the same vein as my recent find from Andy Ihnatko. This excerpt is by Michael Schechter: Writing In The Margins: So often we think of writing as this pristine thing. Something precious, something that requires a special place and a special time. This is crap. Writing is getting words […]

You are what you read

Some blogs are comprised of audio, photos, or videos, but most of them are still brewed the old-fashioned way, by stringing together a bunch of (hopefully) related words and publishing them to the Internet for everyone to read and discuss. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse again. Seriously, go wash up. People are beginning to talk. My first […]

Getting Serious About Lists & Goals

Designer and developer Dave Gamache, recently known for releasing the Skeleton website framework, wrote about setting goals for personal growth. I love to do stuff. So much stuff in fact, I often find myself overwhelmed by my own unorganized ambition, but luckily, I found my fix. I wrote a while back about my brain drain […]

iPhone 4S – An Introduction, Not A Review

Apple’s new releases have encouraged a flair for fiscal irresponsibility in me reaching back nearly two decades. My will was strong as the positive reviews of the MacBook Air began flooding the web, but this is probably due to the higher upgrade cost. I need a new laptop like I need a new iPhone. Besides, […]


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WRITERS’ BLOCK. – Andy Ihnatko’s Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA) As a writer, you are never “blocked.” Here, let me say it again, with more markup tags: ***As a writer, you are never “blocked.”*** The fact that you’re not actually writing doesn’t mean that you’re not actually working. You’re […]

Every Day is Opposite Day

Why do our kids insist on doing the opposite of what we ask them to do?! “Shut the door.” The door stays open. “Open your door.” The door stays shut. Going a little nutso here. Advice welcome. “Stop yelling.” They get louder. “Speak up!” They speak quieter. We’ve run the gamut of “suggestions,” with our […]

Team Hal

If you’re in the Atlanta you should see if the North Fulton Drama Group is performing Henry IV Part I at Barrington Hall in Roswell. Last night, Julie and I took the kids and a friend to see the opening show directed by our pal Thomas. I posted a few photos of the troop’s excellent […]

My Wrist Used to Hurt

I had a theory that Apple’s Magic Mouse, possibly exacerbated by the Magic Trackpad, was killing me. I use the mouse at work and the trackpad at home, and the pain in my right wrist has been steadily increasing during the past several months. Three days of field tests that began with swiping a larger […]

Hmm. Something to consider

A quick Google search led me to this article on WebMD about stress: Some stress is normal and even useful. Stress can help if you need to work hard or react quickly. For example, it can help you win a race or finish an important job on time. But if stress happens too often or […]

An Adventure in Atlanta with Jonathan Coulton

Introduction Note: It may help to hum the tune of Gilligan’s Island while you sit right back and read this tale. I heard Jonathan Coulton was coming to Atlanta to celebrate the release of his latest recording, Artificial Heart, so Julie and I planned a simple overnight trip to enjoy the show. It turned out […]

Julie Found Her Blog

Julie found her blog. After dusting it off, it still seems to work great! Check out her three posts about our transition to the Paleo diet (which has been awesome so far). Paleo (Part 1) Paleo (Part 2) Paleo (Part 3)

Possible Dark Linen Kludge on OS X Lion

When I use my MacBook in my home office, I run my display on an external monitor and use Apple’s bluetooth and Magic Trackpad to work. Since updating to OS X Lion, I’ve notice a couple of quirks in regard to the desktop background. Without some fiddling, the background on the external display defaults to […]

A New Printer: Brother HL-5370DW

We upgraded from a color to a black & white printer, replacing an HP Color Laserjet 2600n with a Brother HL–5370DW. Upgrade? Yeah, I think so. I paid about $400 for the color printer years ago and it served me well until I had to replace the toner, which retails for about $400. Ouch. We […]