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Apple acquired by NeXT

Glenn Reid has the credentials to authoritatively write What it’s Really Like Working with Steve Jobs. Reid wrote he was employee #40 at Adobe Systems in 1985 before moving to work as product manager at NeXT reporting directly to Steve Jobs. The entire piece should be interesting to those who run in my circles online, […]

Clearing mental debt, editing like a pro

It’s really easy for nerds like us to build up a digital hoard of things to do/learn/read later, and each of those (mostly useless) items drops another pebble of guilt on a growing mountain of mental debt. Tech bankruptcy My Instapaper queue is a great example of tech debt and it’s easy to fix. Just […]

Lost in "Lost" all over again

Christmas break has given me and Julie a chance to tie up a loose end we left frayed a long time ago. 4 8 15 16 23 42 We were enthralled by J.J. Abrams’1 Lost while it was airing on television, yet for some reason that neither of us can recall (electromagnetic pulse maybe?) we […]

My daily Mac

My MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2011 edition) is the best Mac I have ever owned, and a handful of apps I use every day really help me churn. I write this stuff up occasionally to help me review how I work. Maybe it’s helpful for you. Always running These are the apps that power my […]

Other things I think about

As I have tinkered with this website, my attention has been focused on learning the ins and outs of Movable Type. The result? A string of posts written in geek speak–probably incomprehensible to many of you–as I work through my questions about the content management system. It’s a great CMS that can be challenging to […]

Mapping Movable Type subdomains with symlinks

In my experience with content management systems, default settings drop “inside pages” into directories to create URLs like I prefer mapping subdomains to those directories so URLs look like After putting this design in practice, I ran into problems. For example, any attempt to use the search box from one of my subdomains […]

More responsive MT 5.2.2 worth a look

With its new responsive theme–Rainier–it looks like Movable Type 5.2.2 now delivers what I have been looking for to serve up this humble writing collection. The key word there is “responsive.” Since 2010, when Ethan Marcotte introduced the concept in his seminal article Responsive Web Design, the word has been overused alongside “curated” and “”air […]

As seen on TV

This video compilation of people doing everything so wrong for products “as seen on TV” makes me laugh every single time I see it. I lost track of it for a while and found it again today, so now you can enjoy it with me.

Two-for-One Black Friday Special

I get to link to two people who delight me: Andy Ithnatko and Jonathan Coulton. Amazon Advent 02 – “Mr. Fancy Pants” by Jonathan Coulton – Andy Ihnatko’s Celestial Waste of Bandwidth (BETA) “In his live show, Coulton introduces ‘The Future Soon’ as the thoughts of a 12 year old boy during the Eighties, lying […]

Movable Type Documentation #mt

Presented here for your education is the Mostly Complete Movable Type Documentation (as of November 17, 2012). From my brief introduction to the 476-page compilation: > It is not my intent to present this compilation of Movable Type documentation pages as my original work. In fact, the only original piece of this document is this […]

Fantastical-esque BusyCal 2

Shawn Blanc mentioned that BusyCal 2: “added a Fantastical-esque Menu Bar extra that lets you view your schedule and crate events quickly with natural language.” I’ve had a BusyCal license for many years and switched to Fantastical in the past year. I have read nothing substantial about the latest version yet, and I’m sure it’s […]

Sparks – building a list of ideas

Steven Berlin Johnson, author and well-known DEVONthink user, recently described what he calls his spark file. It’s a rambling document with no organization where he stores his hunches and questions. This is why for the past eight years or so I’ve been maintaining a single document where I keep all my hunches: ideas for articles, […]

Updates mean more updates coming

I’ve had a few days off to recover from having my wisdom teeth ripped out of my skull, which gave me plenty of time to muck around in the guts of a new CMS. Clicking on either the CaSt Blog or Linked List (they’re over to the right at the moment) will take you where […]

Netflix casts presidential vote with video release

We watch a lot of Netflix and I subscribe to the company’s feed of video recently released to “Watch Instantly.” The feed pushes out new titles with a brief synopsis. I’ve never seen one longer than about 35-50 words. Never, that is, until today. I clocked the synopsis for [*Dreams from my Real Father*]( at […]

Movable Type: a blessing and a curse

Movable Type–updated to 5.2 just a few days ago–is a professional content management system from which to launch a blogging platform. I have no doubt it is fully capable of presenting anything an accomplished admin can imagine; however, those new to the system must overcome the scattered documentation. A basic glossary would be helpful. The […]

CaSt, now with FancyZoom!

From here forward, I plan to use Cabel Sasser’s [FancyZoom]( to allow readers to click on photos and enjoy, well, a fancy zoom. Cabel is known for [Panic’s shockingly good software]( (I recommend [Coda 2](, which helps me develop this site alongside [BBEdit]( and yes, he shares his personal thoughts at [Cabel’s Blog LOL]( I […]

U.K. tops U.S. for smart TV

When MTV launched *”The Real World,”* the ground it broke became a sinkhole sucking American TV into a glut of reality shows and programming designed for passive absorption over active engagement. Let’s establish one point now to help you decide if you want to read any further. I have **never** seen a single reality show. […]

Custom CSS in Movable Type 5

As I covered in my last post, I have two subdomains: one for the CaSt blog and another for linked items (actually, there’s a third for archives). Each subdomain has its own css file. For my purposes, all three use the same code and I was trying to manage updates on all three. It struck […]