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Julie Found Her Blog

Julie found her blog. After dusting it off, it still seems to work great! Check out her three posts about our transition to the Paleo diet (which has been awesome so far).

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Going Paleo

My wife Julie and I have united to announce we aren’t happy with our lives.

Don’t worry. We are just as in love with each other as ever (actually, we are more in love than ever). We are disappointed with our health and have a strategy to fix it. We have committed to the paleo diet. Julie jokes that we’re “eating like cavemen.” If so, cavemen ate well!

Dan Benjamin, The Man who oversees the awesome 5by5 podcasting network, put the idea in my head. So far, I have found that Robb Wolf provides one of the best introductions to this lifestyle change (don’t call it a diet, it’s not a diet).

We’re one week into it and haven’t even begun to exercise, yet each of us has lost some weight and feel better already. Our daughter Kat has enjoyed the same results and the whole family is getting dragged along with us because there isn’t any “bad food” in the house any more.

After a week, we aren’t missing the bread, cereal, and cheese that made up a large part of our diet. You heard that right. No sandwiches. No breakfast cereals. No dairy. No quesadillas with flour tortillas. Meals are mostly comprised of lean meat with vegetables. Our biggest cheat during meals so far has been having a little steamed jasmine rice on the side with dinner.

The best part for me? My stomach doesn’t hurt all the time and I don’t get the shakes when I’m hungry. We plan to begin exercising as the hot Georgia summer begins it’s cooling slide into autumn. I can’t wait!

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My “go juice” during the work week is brewed in a drip machine from a prepacked filter pod of standard issue name brand coffee. Those who capture a cup with the last drops dripping from the coffeemaker may get a decent cup, but the odds aren’t good. More likely, java drinkers will find a half-full pot of coffee scorching on a burner burning a little too hot.

After five days of “work coffee,” the weekend brings with it a special treat. Each Saturday and Sunday morning begins with three cups of steaming black coffee rich with aroma and natural oils. My weekend coffee is as much of a treat as a candy bar or milkshake. The recipes are so similar, hot water and ground coffee, yet the results are so different.

Here’s a look at the differences as I see them.

Office Coffee: Preparation

Rip the metallic bag open and place one pod of coffee in the basket. You don’t need a filter; each serving is conveniently wrapped in its own paper filter. Place a glass carafe underneath, turn on the burner, and pour water into the top of the machine. Wait five to 10 minutes and pour a cup of hot coffee.

Office Coffee: Observerations

Looks like hot black water. The taste reminds you of coffee and the metallic smell reminds you the weekend is never more than five days away.

Weekend Coffee: Preparation

Pour filtered water into a kettle and bring to a boil on the stove. While you wait, place coffee beans in the grinder, but don’t grind them yet! The kettle’s whistle is your cue to grind. Slowly pour the hot water over the ground coffee you placed in the glass carafe of your French press. Give it a quick stir, put the lid on, and wait four minutes. Gently press the grounds to the bottom and pour a steaming cup of coffee.

Weekend Coffee: Observations

An irridescent sheen glimmers on tanned bubbles across the surface in your cup. The rich aroma enhances the flavor to help you relish two precious days out of the office.

My weekend coffee

Cook like a caveman

In my culinary experience, the more old-fashioned the better. Cooking in a microwave is quick, but food has a better taste when cooked in the oven or on the stove. The best flavor comes when you are able to cook over an open flame. The closer you come to cooking like a caveman, the better your meals taste. Maybe that’s why the paleo diet appeals to me so much.